for lack of a better world

by almost heaven

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recorded during the holiday season

i began writing these songs and started this project during one of the lowest points of my life so far. by the time it was finished i was happy again.


released January 11, 2016



all rights reserved


almost heaven Dallas, Texas

tenderly melancholy


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Track Name: dawn through the curtain
I've left the ones I love
for those who don't love me

I find the will to leave
this awful world I see

twist my words
let them bleed
wring them out
water seeds with

all the sadness that pours out
it's everything I need
Track Name: eve
little levee - don't crack under all the stress
I guess
crazy eyes are seeing that the worlds a mess
I guess

s so s so far from the world we love
I'm just taking my time
soap boxing people with words from the shooting stars
I'm just wasting my time

up above us - where paradise goes to waste
I taste
taste the language that swirls and tells me how to heal
I feel
feeling "heavy" for lack of a better word
I heard
pressure pressure - pray to nothing - oh well
I fell I fell I fell

f far f fa far from the end in mind
don't stop taking your time
bubble popping secrets and a fear that you will fade away
don't stop wasting my time

hello heaven - I'm waitin for you to show
I know
hands are turning - the burning will never slow
I know
Track Name: honey sky
I'm no good
spit it out
wish I could
(I'm stuck)

hyperbolic weight
on my head so great
it pushes down till I am nothing

hands appear
touch my skull
start to press
lose control
(I'm stuck)

tear me limb from limb
love will start to brim
so tenderly you reconstruct me

gives me thrills
no one else
ever will
Track Name: in sickness and in health
I cannot sleep through
I'm scared if I do
I'll never see you
this light is too bright
if I pass tonight
would that be alright

I'm afraid to die
because you will not be there to comfort me

we have grown so old
our skin is now gold
and we have gone cold
till my final words
I'm left to the birds
they'll cut me in thirds

but I'll still love you
because I'll miss the way your words embalm me
Track Name: vigil
when I was a child
I heard stories of angels
figures wrapped in light who
would come in the night to
save people from demons
I stayed up all night to meet one
Track Name: cosmo
don't know where we're going did I do something wrong? is it me that's to blame?
and he said to me
it's not your fault, we love you just the same

just because I walk slow doesn't mean I'm sick it just means that I'm getting old
please hold me and tell me that I've been good
I won't bite anymore
I must not bite anymore
please tell me I've been good that tomorrow we'll be happy

I hope I made you happy